Design4T Launches South Africa’s First Crowd-funding Platform For Customised T-Shirts


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Design4T Launches South Africa’s First Crowd-funding Platform For Customised T-Shirts

Cape Town, South Africa, 23. January 2015

Launching in February 2015, is South Africa’s first crowd-funding platform for customised T-shirts. enables groups, organizations or individuals to create and sell custom apparel with no upfront costs. In addition, local governments and non-profits can use this innovative platform to raise funds for initiatives.

“We’re extremely excited to introduce this new platform to South Africa,” said Design4T’s co-founder & director, Claus Lauter. “ is unique in that it gives people a quick, easy and no-cost way to start earning money for a special cause or idea by creating and selling T-Shirts online. The cool thing about this model is that there is no risk for the seller and buyer.”

Here’s how it works. First, the campaign creator designs a T-Shirt using Design4T’s custom T-Shirt building tool. That process takes place right in the browser and it is extremely easy to do. Then a campaign page is created. A goal is set for a number of T-Shirts the campaign creator wants to sell. The more T-Shirt sold, the cheaper each shirt becomes. Shipping and fulfilment is handled entirely by Design4T, and the shirts arrive around two weeks after a campaign closes.

How much does it cost?

Using the Design4T platform is 100% free. Design4T only charges a fee for successful campaigns that covers the raw material, production, and delivery of each product. The seller chooses the selling price and keeps 100% of all profits.

About Design4T Products

Currently, sellers can design and print on a variety of high quality pre-shrunk Fruit of the Loom shirts. Design4T’s screen printing partners are audited to guarantee high standards of quality and socially responsible practices.

About the Design4T Team

Design4T was created in 2014 by a team of highly dedicated entrepreneurs and online marketing experts with the mission to make a successful business concept available for South Africans. Design4T has a top class customer service team to help ensure customer satisfaction, and offers in-house design and marketing services to enhance and amplify sales to Design4T campaigns.

For interested journalists, Design4T is offering free access to the website at and an information-packed training course called Design4T University.

For more information, you can watch a video showing an overview of Design4T at

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Design4T (Pty) Ltd.

Claus Lauter, Director

199 Loop Street, Graphic Centre

Cape Town, 8001, South Africa


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Company registration number: 2014/271026/07

Editors: High resolution images are available upon request. All Design4T founders are available for interviews.

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