Creating a More Effective Washing Day

JOHANNESBURG, South Africa –  Over the last few years, front loader washing machines have become popular as the latest models are often more energy efficient, convenient and aesthetically pleasing. They also feature a range of attractive functions, such as specialty cycles, steaming and stain treating, that when best utilised can lead to a more effective washing day.

“In order to make the most of your front loader washing machine, it is important to understand how best to use and care for it, particularly because it differs so much from the traditional top loader,” explains Michelle Potgieter, Director of Corporate Marketing and Communications at Samsung Electronics South Africa.

She offers the following need-to-know tips to ensure you get the best use out of your front loader:

  • Buy the correct detergent: Purchase detergent made for high-efficiency machines and use the minimum amount required. Regular detergents produce additional soap suds that may be difficult to rinse out, as a front loader machine functions with less water and suds can build up over time. Too much soap may even damage a machine mechanically or electronically.

  • Make sure the washing machine is level: With its fast spinning motion, the front load wrings water from the clothes, so if it is not placed on a flat surface, it will be noisier when in use.

  • Ensure you have a full load: A front loader uses the same amount of energy to clean a few clothes as it does to clean a full load. To take advantage of both the machine’s capabilities and to lower energy consumption, be sure to fill it up before starting a load.

  • Wash with hot water from time-to-time: Most people take advantage of the fact that front loaders can clean well with cold water. This does save money as the water is not being heated, but incorporating the occasional hot water wash will help to clean any residue and mould, potentially avoiding the need for future repairs.

  • Remove finished load: Don’t leave damp clothes to sit in the machine; this environment is perfect for musty smells and mould.

  • Clean the washing machine: Read the user’s manual to see how often this is recommended. Regular cleaning should prevent the build-up of mould and any unwanted smells. Many front loaders have a built-in cleaning cycle that can assist with this.


    Potgieter concludes: “Before making a decision to buy a front loader, ensure that you select one that will adhere to your specific household needs and requirements. In this regard, Samsung will continue to provide the best experience through our cutting edge innovations, convenience and efficiency. In addition, our timeless appliance design creates harmony by marrying form and function while at the same time adapting to consumers’ lifestyles.”


    Notes to Editor


    Key features of Samsung Front Loading Washing Machine

    Ecobubble™ Generator  

    A washing machine cleans your clothes by mixing water with detergent to remove dirt and stains from the fabric. Samsung’s Ecobubble™ technology uses a unique bubble generator that activates as a normal cycle begins. First, air and water are pulled in to generate bubbles, dissolving and activating the detergent, which then penetrates faster and more evenly throughout the wash load. This helps to dissolve the washing detergent, creating rich soapy foam that assists in cleaning clothes faster with a cool wash, so almost no hot water is required, thus saving energy on every load.


    Vibration Reduction Technology [VRT Plus™]

    Another advantage is less noise and vibration. Samsung’s Technology uses a three dimensional sensor system that keeps the drum well-balanced at high spin speeds by ensuring 14 stainless steel balls work together in the opposite direction to the laundry load. At lower drum speeds, powerful magnets hold the balls firmly in place and significantly decrease vibration and noise.


    Digital Inverter Technology

    The digital inverter motor is brushless, so it runs at cooler temperatures and uses less energy than conventional model motors. The fact that it has fewer moving parts means it has a longer lifespan. This is why Samsung can provide a 10-year component warranty on its next-generation washing machines.

Author: PR Officer

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