Convert South Africa TRJ kit to increase up to 25% pv panels efficiency

Convert South Africa is a branch company of Convert Italia, an italian business enterprise of great esteem in energy sector.

Convert offers to south african market PV trackers and solution like pv hybrid systems for mines, rural and industrial electrification and other electrical power system engineering products.

The Convert TRJ kit is the key product of this company and it represents an innovative solution to maximize the efficiency of pv plants.

Convert TRJ is a kit able to rotates pv panels to track the sun in every moment. The track, indeed, moves the pv panel’s surface in front of the sun along the whole of its daily journey. In this way the photovoltaic panel could maximize its energy and economic efficiency with an increase up to 25% energy more than fixed systems at a similar cost.

The revolution of Convert TRJ kit his is that it is ready to use and very simple to install, furthermore is fully compatibility wit the most common pv panels supports on the market; so the client doesn’t need to buy aagain the whole photovoltaic system. His structure is indeed adaptable at all differentpv modules including low concentration modules and it is compatible with all kind of pv structures foundation as screwed, micropile, concrete footing or ramming of poles.

Convert TRJ provides the panel with the exact sun position in real time thanks to a GPS system which is coordinate with some information like co-oridinates, date and time.

With a minimum consumption of energy (70 kWh/y) the kit is able to control up to 10 trackers and to gurantee an efficiency increase up to 25%.

Author: PR Officer

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