Concern soars as video of Ugandan nanny goes viral!

Foscam has seen an increased amount of concern for the safety of toddlers and babies alike after the disturbing video of the Ugandan nanny was exposed on the internet.

Since it went viral, concerned parents have been ordering Fosbaby Baby Monitors, so that they can watch real-time video footage of what their nanny is doing at home while they are at work.

The video footage showed the nanny as repeatedly abusing the little girl, beating her with an instrument and then standing on her.

As this footage has come to light, parents are asking themselves what is happening with their most treasured beings. Are they receiving the love and care that they should be?

Foscam introduced Fosbaby to the market a few short months ago and the product is fast becoming a ‘must have’ item for working parents.

Fosbaby is a baby monitor that by means of your home wifi, sends live video footage directly to your smartphone or web browser.

Fosbaby also has a 32 gig memory card slot so that video can be recorded directly to the device on motion detection.

Singing sweet lullabies and sending room temperature alerts as well as zone motion detection are to name but a few of the many features of Foscams new baby camera.

Fosbaby is available for purchase online at and can be shipped countrywide.

Purchase yours for R1595 today!

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Foscam South Africa.

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Author: PR Officer

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