Chef Collection Refrigerator Represents Innovation Like No Other

JOHANNESBURG, South Africa – 21 January, 2015 – Samsung Electronics South Africa has announced a new premium professional kitchen appliance, the Chef Collection Refrigerator. It concentrates on keeping the most delicate ingredients at a precise temperature, essential to ensuring the best cooking and tasting experience.

It was developed in partnership with Samsung Club Des Chefs, an advisory board of the world’s best chefs, including those with three star Michelin ratings. This first-of-its-kind global culinary initiative has brought together world class people to collaborate with Samsung on the creation of next-generation products.

“Samsung home appliances always provide something more and ultimately we want consumers to enjoy their daily life, while staying healthy and appreciating the finer things in life,” said Michael McKechnie, Divisional Head for Digital Appliances at Samsung SA. “With our recent development we’ve created a groundbreaking appliance that offers a truly premium experience.”

Precise Temperature Control for Ultimate Freshness

The Samsung Chef Collection Refrigerator (model RH9900) represents a huge leap forward in food preservation, storage and design, with its thoughtful attention to detail, particularly with regards to temperature control that is maximised through unique features.

The Metal Cooling Plate, positioned on the back of the refrigerator compartment, helps to maintain a set temperature throughout the appliance. The metal absorbs and conducts heat quicker than plastic, ensuring more consistent and faster recovery times when warmer items are placed inside. Samsung’s Triple Cooling System creates three separate airflows, enabling optimal humidity control and improved cooling performance for each division.

Further to this, the product includes a fridge in the freezer function, which can be used for storage of beverages or as a kid’s refrigerator. This enables consumers to; for example, chill a large number of bottles of wine, at 5 degree Celsius.

Samsung understands that South African consumers are concerned with design and limited space in the kitchen. With this in mind, the product was developed to align with South African décor trends, delivering a seamless integrated look. In addition, thanks to Space Max Pro technology, it provides 30 percent more storage capacity than an average built-in, whilst maintaining the same exterior size and dimensions. The design is further enhanced with 4 Pillar lighting, which is brighter than normal top and side LED lighting and illuminates each shelf evenly without glare.

Another key characteristic is the temperature-selectable bottom drawer, called the Chef Pantry. While not a new concept, Samsung’s research shows that it needed to be colder for optimum storage of seafood, while allowing warmer temperatures to be set for fresh greens and other items that should not be stored below frozen.

The inclusion of a pair of stainless-steel marinating pans that are sized to slide under the bottom shelves or fit into the Chef’s Pantry, which are both oven and dishwasher-safe, ensures fridge-to-oven cooking in the same pan, cutting down on the number of dishes needed.

“Whether it is cooking and entertaining in more sophisticated ways, or creating a beautiful home that is truly world-class, consumer passion is driving product innovation and inspiring Samsung to new heights of excellence. By working closely with industry experts, this new kitchen appliance offers an awe-inspiring level of flexibility, organisation, ease of use and premium style to meet the needs of the most discerning home chef,” concludes McKechnie.

The product will be available from all leading retailers and the recommended retail price is R80 000.

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