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Knysna, Western Cape, South Africa, December 2014 – The 2014 December Holiday season is upon us and Locals from the Garden Route, South Africa are ready for the annual influx of visitors to the area.

“We are looking forward to a busy season” says local crafter, Lisa Clark, of Shining Things “With the ‘Support Local’ culture bigger than ever we think that people are finally starting to realise that by supporting local they are improving the lifestyles of everyone in their community, including themselves.”

Clark is right about the effects of supporting local business. When you buy local produce you keep money circulating in your community. Rather than sending it off to big, internationally owned corporations, you are  making sure it gets back into the hands of the people around you. When your local crafters and producers in turn support local themselves the entire community benefits.

In this way the level of wealth in your area rises – which is always a good thing. It inevitably trickles down the food chain – making for more tax paying citizens, better public services and a lower crime rate.

When you buy from an independently owned market, like the Scarab market in Sedgefield, you are also guaranteed authenticity and a quality product – because the organisers want only the best produce on their markets, so they have regulations in place. So not only are you supporting local, but you are likely to be getting a better product for your money.

Eco-friendly shopping. For the most part local and hand crafted goods are exactly that – hand crafted. That means that they are less likely to be manufactured in large factories. They have been created somewhere close to where they are being sold – so less transport is needed. The cumulative effect is a lower carbon footprint and higher economic value. Basically it’s good all round.

Every summer SA’s coastal towns enjoy playing host to visitors from all over the country when friends and families come from far and wide to enjoy the natural attractions. If every holiday maker spends R100 on locally produced goods this summer – it could have outstanding effects for the smaller, tourist driven areas


Ivan Kier

Or visit the stall at:

Knysna Tourism building, Knysna Main road (December 2014)
Scarab Market, N2 Sedgfield (Saturdays all year long)

Author: PR Officer

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