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Buying cars has always been the dream of almost every individual who has come even close to afford a car, but since finances are not everybody’s friend, only a few of the whole population can afford a four-wheeler, but usable second-hand vehicles which are ‘as good as new’ can be of some help when it comes to bridging the gap between the rich and the middle-classes in terms of possessing cars. In this regard, meet Surf4cars, a car selling company which features the best cars at affordable prices on its platform. Every renowned manufacturer in the world starting from Bentley, Chevrolet, Aston Martin to Honda, Infiniti and Mercedes-Benz, feature on this platform.  You are free to search by any category you attach priority to size, structure type, manufacturing brand, transmissions, model numbers or colour. They have every kind of car such as MPVs, hatchbacks, sedans, motorbikes, trucks and bakkies. Used car dealers from all of South Africa pitch their ware on here.

It is not limited to just buying. Surf4cars is equally useful to you if you plan on selling off your used car. There is absolutely no hassle involved, no red tape, no unnecessary delay and no hidden costs involved. They do not interfere in what you choose to buy or sell; they allow you full freedom of doing what you want to. To top off the cake with an icing, they hold various fun competitions for customers on the platforms, to enable them to win exciting prizes and rewards.

Apart from getting used and new cars at very reasonable prices and from reliable sellers/buyers, they also offer customers the benefit of car insurance. When you go on their site, you would likely spot an ‘insurance’ tab on the top menu bar. Once you click on it, you would be taken to a page and asked to fill out a form citing your name, mobile number and car details. After you have submitted your details, you would be directed to a total of nine quotes from the top insurance companies in the country. Some of the big names that feature on the site are PSG, Virseker, Budget Insurance and King Price Insurance. By using Surf4car’s insurance portal, people can save up to 29% on their vehicle insuring costs. Truly, it can be said with conviction that Surf4cars has transformed the way cars are bought and sold in South Africa. See more at: http://www.surf4cars.co.za/

About Surf4cars:
Surf4Cars is a car dealership platform based out of South Africa. It features new and used cars for sale and purchase. Cars of every hue, model, brand and colour are found here.

Contact Us:
Sandton View Shopping Centre
82 Homestead Avenue
0861 43 46 49

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