Bruce Cassidy & Anti Gravity Machine @ Bassline

Press Release                                                                                                                                              19 September 2016

Bruce Cassidy and Anti-Gravity Machine set to Wow at The Bassline


South Africa ought to brace itself for a first-ever musical experience as world renowned music producer, arranger and trumpeter; Bruce Cassidy makes his much anticipated return to South Africa. The past musical director of Blood Sweat and Tears and music legend who lived in South Africa between 1981 and 2003 is excited to grace the Bassline on the 19th of November for the Bruce Cassidy Anti-Gravity Machine concert where he will be featuring South African and popular jazz material played by a 14-piece string, woodwind and jazz rhythm group. A melting pot of musical genres taken from his travels and various musical influences, Cassidy will leave no stones unturned in a night that will see his orchestra deliver a world class performance.


Explaining the inspiration behind the concert, Cassidy expresses that “one of the meanings of ‘gravity’ is ‘serious’. For me music is an uplifting experience and my particular focus in this project is on joy and beauty. My first job is to choose virtuoso players that have a happy disposition. I attempt to write music that suits their style and my experience is that when they enjoy the music that they telegraph that passion in performance. Of course the usual meaning of gravity is ‘that which keeps us on the earth and makes things fall’. It is hoped that the musicians and the audience will achieve ‘lift-off’ at our performances.”


A man and musical genius who wears his heart on his sleeve, Cassidy promises us a night of heartfelt and dynamic music. A lover of South Africa with a personal and fond appreciation for his time spent on our shores, Cassidy comes with love and will extend his appreciation for South Africa by arranging music that reflects his love for the country. “No one who spends any time in Africa can fail to be affected by its people’s elemental earthiness, generosity and passion”, shares Cassidy.


A first and positively peculiar dynamic to the South African musical experience, Cassidy is bringing class, nostalgia and a multi-cultural musical offering that promises to leave revelers inspired as the songs that were mostly curated during his stay in South Africa, fused with other influences from his travels will take his audience on a magical journey. Nothing you have ever seen or experienced before. In a carefully curated orchestral arrangement, you can expect to be moved and travel to places you never knew existed, through music.


Incredibly excited by this performance, Cassidy says he hopes to see many friends there. “Those who know my Hotfoot Orchestra will recognise some of those themes but in new clothing that I hope they will find more graceful, subtle and articulate. This collection of so many different colours is a joy to write for and I have mixed these together in so many ways over the years that I am confident that Anti-Gravity will be experienced by us all. Do come and enjoy a flight with us.”


Magic is the operative word and frequency audiences will operate in on a night like no other. You do not want to miss out on what promises to be a musical experience of nostalgia and musical genius.


Tickets can be booked from for R120 and the show will start at 20h00.


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