Bridesmaid Dresses – 7 Unique Styles for South Africans

If everything in the world is a token of love, all the love must be beautiful keepsake. Wedding is a big day of love and beauty, the overall aesthetic perception is an indispensable concept of design, in addition to the glamorous bridal wear, bridesmaid dresses are also required to take charge of a lot of thoughts. By selecting a set that not only can be worn at the wedding day, but also allows friends wear in normal life, you will definitely make your friends satisfied. Now let’s take a look at these 7 unique styles of bridesmaid dresses.

1. White lace dress: lace is the sexiest element in wedding dress, the bride who wears lace wedding dress on her big day do have a special beauty. And it is definitely a good choice by selecting white lace skirt as short bridesmaid dress.

2. Gradient dress: nowadays gradient is the most common element in American style bridesmaid dresses, in line with the theme of the wedding, the same colour of gradient, shades, both to achieve unified in dress style and would not be monotonous.


3. Sequins fabric dress: gold is one of the most popular colours in this winter, girls who is getting married this year, may wish to choose gold sequins dress for bridesmaids to wear, just to follow the fashion trends.


4. Two-piece style dress: two-piece wedding dress is another big trend of this year, this style can be lovely, soft and romantic, and no doubt, it will highlight personality and make people have a good-looking.


5. Black dress: black and white is always a classic match, on the wedding day the bride dressed in a beautiful white gown, when bridesmaids take black dresses to set the bride off, just a perfect combination. Black colour simply can let bride be standing out and bridesmaids be elegant.


6. High low dress: High low dress has become another fad in recent years, which the length, style, colour can be changed.


7. Floral dress: I just want to repeat: flowers match with girls most! Choose your bridesmaid dress with flower pattern, so that it can be worn by bridesmaids in usual life, so I believe your friends will like this style.


As the new year’s bell has rung, South African ladies are getting to prepare for their wedding. Wedding garment is definitely the first thing to consider. So I wish this article could offer you some inspirations on bridesmaid dresses selection.


Choosing bridesmaid dresses should be fun, with these 7 styles in hand, you will feel comfortable for the wedding day. For more information, please visit

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