Bottega Prosecco unveils Bottega Sparkling Wines

For three generations, the Distelleria Bottega has made some of Italy’s finest and most sought-after wines and spirits. Situated in the heartland of Prosecco country at Bibano di Godega, a mere 45km from Venice, the company is housed in a traditional 19th century farmstead which nevertheless boasts state-of-the-art technology, producing benchmark examples of the traditional drinks of the region – Prosecco, sparkling wine and grappa.

Eight years ago, Franco Vignazia realised South Africa was a growing market for top-quality Italian Prosecco, sparkling  wines and spirits, and began importing them into the country. Joined three years later by his daughter Giuliana, they now offer the full range of exclusive Bottega products to discerning South African consumers. This range includes Prosecco, other sparkling wines, pure grappa, fruit-based grappa and smooth creamy grappa-based liqueurs.

The Bottega Prosecco range encompasses the Sparkling Prosecco Brut and the premium Prosecco Gold.

Both made from the Glera grape, often referred to as the Prosecco grape, they have been twice-fermented in stainless steel tanks to give their characteristic bubbles and hints of yeast, flowers and soft summer fruit. The Prosecco Gold is also known as the Vino dei Poeti – the wine of the poets – and it evokes the joy, purity and passion of men of letters and culture around the world. These elegant and enticing wines are rivalling the finest Champagnes in many markets, offering pure fruit expression, balanced acidity and alcohol and plenty of bubbles which dance on the edge of your tongue.

In addition to the classic Proseccos, Bottega also produces other sparkling wines. The Bottega Diamond, with its distinctive packaging, is made from 100% Pinot Noir and spends a full year on the lees to produce a richly-fruity sparkling wine. The Sparkling Rosé Brut is an intriguing combination of Pinot Noir and a grape variety indigenous to the region, called Raboso. This combination creates a sparkling wine of real character and charm, unlike anything else to be found in SA. A spicy blend of redcurrants, golden delicious apples and raspberries, it is a delightful match for summer foods. The final wine, the Vino del Amore or ‘Wine of Love’ is Bottega’s version of a classic Moscato d’Asti, with its low alcohol, pleasing frothy spritz on the tongue and the delicate, fragrant aromatics of rose petals, Turkish Delight and perfumed spice. A perfect partner for desserts or simply for sipping with the one you love.

The Bottega label was traditionally associated with the family’s distillery so it comes as no surprise to find an exciting array of fruit spirits, liqueurs and grappas also sporting the Bottega name. The range of Grappas includes the premium Grappa Vendemmia Tardiva which is aged in oak barrels to produce a smooth and spicy spirit, the perfect end to every meal.

The Alexander Bianca grappa is made in the traditional style from Pinot Noir, Glera and other grape skins to produce a soft and fragrant grappa, ideal with almond biscotti and expresso, whilst the Alexander di Moscato is fruity and perfumed, reflecting its origins in Moscato grapes.

Using these premium grappas as a base, Bottega has created a range of infused spirits, redolent of the fresh fruits, spices and flavours of Italy. The Limoncino uses only the finest lemons from Sicily, whilst the Mirtillo is flavoured with blueberries picked from the foothills of the Alpine mountains. The classic Sambuca is made with the pungent and aromatic star anise flavours making it the perfect partner for coffee and the other fruit liqueur spirits, including peach, pineapple and cinnamon, offer plenty of opportunities for inventive food matches and cocktail ideas.

The final range in the Bottega stable mixes the heady Grappa with decadent cream and other flavourings to produce a luxury product which is a veritable dessert in a glass! The Bottega Grappa Nero adds dark chocolate for a rich, smooth and strong accompaniment, whilst the Grappa Gianduia combines milk chocolate with a touch of hazelnuts. The White Chocolate Grappa – the Fior di Latte – offers spiced vanilla notes, whilst the Latte Macchiato Bottega mixes milky chocolate, luxurious cream and roasted coffee beans into a symphony of flavours for your mouth.

Offering the full gamut of wines, spirits, flavours, textures and styles, the Bottega products are versatile additions to every bar, whether at home or in a restaurant environment. They can form the basis of a myriad of innovative cocktail recipes, will combine with all sorts of foods and cuisine or can be sipped and savoured, slowly and contemplatively with good friends or in tranquil solitude. Enjoy the ‘Tastes of Italy’ right here in South Africa with Bottega Wines and Spirits.

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