Bottega Grappa living La Dolce Vita with this authentic and versatile Italian spirit

GRAPPA has truly come a long way since its early roots as a strong, raw grape spirit that was first produced in Italy over 150 years ago. These days, emphasis is placed strictly on creating a quality product, where clean, pure flavours are key.

With its excellent digestive qualities, grappa is often enjoyed after a meal, yet more people are beginning to discover its versatility as a unique and flavoursome spirit, on its own, in coffee and as a delicious cocktail base. With the help of world-class grappa producer – Alexander Grappa, South Africans are now being introduced to the quality of this unique, aromatic Italian spirit.

Grappa is produced in a similar way to quality brandy. But whilst brandy uses wine as its base for distillation, true grappa is made by distilling only the fermented pulp, skins and stalks of the grapes. These are known as the marc, or the pomace. The result of the quality ingredients and production method versus other spirits such as commercial vodka or gin is that grappa is purer, more fragrant, and less sweet and because it is made from grape marc and not grains such as rye or barley, it is ultimately lower in carbohydrates and calories.

For three generations, Bottega S.P.A has been making some of Italy’s finest and most sought-after spirits, and their Alexander brand exudes precision, quality and style. Situated just 45km outside of Venice in Prosecco and grappa country, and housed in a modernized 19th century farmstead, the Bottega wine and spirit company has become the epitome of a modern classic.

With four main styles available in South Africa, there is a Bottega grappa product that appeals to each and every consumer. The Grappa Aldo Bottega is a clear, young style of grappa made from Pinot- and Glera grapes. Aged in stainless steel tanks for 6 months, it shows aromas and flavours of fresh fruit and berries.

Alexander is a prestigious name given to a wide range of high-quality grappas made from the marc of selected grapes. A few favourites include the Grappa Alexander made from traditional Italian Pinot- and Glera grapes, showing hints of freshly cut fruit and fresh berries. An appealing, elegant and refined bestseller; The Grappa Alexander Moscato is made from the marc of fresh golden white Muscat grapes. It has an attractive round and soft texture, with classic Muscat aromas of fruit and flowers and soothing medicinal herbs. It works as a perfect base for fruity cocktails.

The Bottega Vendemmia Tardiva, meaning late harvest in Italian, is a serious grappa made from distilling the marc of late harvested Corvina, Rondinella and Molinara grapes. Distilled in copper stills and then aged in French oak barrels for 18 months, this grappa is intense and persistent, and shows aromas of honey, vanilla and spices. The Bottega Vendemmia Tardiva shares the philosophy and sensations of a dessert wine.

With its youthful, modern appeal, and sexy and luxurious packaging, the Bottega brand has proven itself as a traditional premium Italian spirit. The appeal of Alexander grappa versus other spirits lies not only in its quality and purity of flavour on its own, but in its versatility as a mixed drink component, which makes it an ideal base for an incredibly wide range of cocktails. Two signature grappa-based cocktails include the Alex Summer, which is made by shaking together fresh melon juice, Alexander Grappa, triple sec and lemon juice. Served chilled, it is the ultimate summery short drink. The Alex Winter, which is made using Alexander Grappa, orange juice, strawberry syrup, and a dash of lemon, is deliciously warming from the inside out.

Bottega not only produces a large variety of pure grappas as part of their Alexander range, but has also created a truly intriguing and aromatic Limoncino, a wide variety of fruit-flavoured grappas and cream based grappa-infusions which are perfect served chilled, or over crushed ice. They are also one of the world leaders in Prosecco production, and with their wide range of premium products, there is something in the range to suit every consumer.

Bottega products imported and represented by Profumi D’Italia are available at leading retailers nationwide, including the liquor divisions of Pick n Pay, Checkers, Spar, Ultra Liquor Stores, Makro, Picardi, Blue Bottle and Liquor City.

For further product information, contact Marketing and Operations Director, Giuliana Abrahamse via (+27) (21) 5544831 or email to

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