BadgeMags: Ultimate Supplier of Badge and Magnet Related Products

BadgeMags established in 2002 is the ultimate supplier of badge and magnet related products in South Africa and in international markets. The company offers quality magnet products at competitive prices. BadgeMags has association with wide range of partners and suppliers from all around the globe who are renowned suppliers of quality badge and magnet products.

BadgeMags is the supplier of badge magnets, badge pins, magnets and multi-fit badges. Unlike other companies, BadgeMags uses superior quality metals to produce super class and premium quality badge magnets.The company offers badge magnets with world class magnetic fittings and all the metal parts used in making badge magnets are zinc coated. In all products of BadgeMags, the double strength magnets are bonded securely into non- brittle plastic molding which guarantees its rigidity and longevity.

All products of BadgeMags pass under vigorous laboratory and factory quality control testing to produce the finest quality guaranteed finished products. Various types of permanent magnets are offered by BadgeMags like the ceramic magnet, alnico magnet, samarium cobalt which is a type of rare earth magnet along with neodymium iron boron (NdFeb), and flexible magnets.

Plastic badge pins and nickel plated steel bar pins of various specifications to serve various purpose are being offered by BadgeMags at competitive prices.

The company provides name tags with the flexibility of customisation as per customer’s choice. Plain badges are available with the option of customising them with business name or logo. These types of badges are available in gold, silver and black with the option of magnetic fitting or a pin closure. For more information, visit

About BadgeMags:

BadgeMags established in 2002 is a leading producer and supplier of badge magnets, badge pins, magnets and multi-fit badges. The company guarantees use of quality metals to provide superior quality end products at competitive prices.


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