Back Braces to Improve Posture

Surely, you are reading the news; sitting not completely straightened his back at his tablet computer or holding up her cell phone. It is obvious that in this moment you do not really care about your spine position.

In a number of pathological conditions of the spine, as in disorders of the spine amortization function is impaired, increasing the load on the discs and joints of the pelvic limbs, feet. As a result, degenerative-dystrophic processes may develop in the joints and discs, leading to low back pain, sciatica, arthritis, and flat feet. Keep well back becomes difficult. Under the influence of adverse factors a person may cease to hold back correctly, that not only adorns the figure, but also a source of a number of diseases. In this case it is necessary to know how to learn to keep your posture.

Many companies are trying to develop a device that will help solve problems with posture. Usually, this is embodied in sensors, special chairs and armchairs, expensive but ineffective shirts. Smart Back Brace creators have surpassed all expectations and produced a very unusual in terms of the functioning of the device. Smart Back Braces is a device that supports the collarbone in order to improve the posture of the owner. It includes two adjustable straps that wrap around the shoulders to pull them toward the right side of the back. On the other correcting posture Back Brace inventions distinguished by the presence of the electronic unit at the intersection of the straps. When you start to slouch, intelligent electronic device will vibrate or send a notification (via Bluetooth) to your smart phone as a reminder that you have ceased to bend back. The app is compatible with iPhone, as well as Android-device allows you to configure alert levels of intensity. The back support has been designed to provide a high level of support and compression without compromising on comfort.

  • The belt has a breathable elastic mesh, breathable and elastic straps.
  • You can wear this belt over the base
  • This lumbar support helps to improve posture and can be worn to help with the treatment of a number of back problems such as slipped disc, degenerative disc disease and sciatica.



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