Ahoy!! Hooy is a foodie’s dream mobile app

The best of technology is now available in almost every aspect of human society. The relationship of humans and food is eternal. The same has been made even better with the introduction of apps in this field. Nevertheless Hooy is unique in every respect. The app is not just perfect from a client’s point of view but is an amazing marketing tool for the food entrepreneurs. The app is not just any ordering app but is providing a complete and handy solution to keeping all those loyalty cards and coupons (that we all love and carry!!) in a different and efficient way.

Hooy has been primarily been launched in South Africa. The app is a very effective marketing tool as it can be used to bring in more customers by providing deals, stamps, coupons, happy hours and everything else all in one place. The features of the app include collecting stamps (under the loyalty program), special offers, special discounts, complete database of customers, premises directory. The stamps can be a wonderful opportunity for both the business and the customers. The customers can get a stamp after they earn certain points. This is a very effective way because it prevents the misuse on the hands of both the employees and customers. The app can be used offline as well.

The Hooy app is not just a way to keep track of the coupons and deals, it also provides the customer to search for their favorite food (menu) and also then provides the nearest location of where to find them on a map and that too with the best deals possible. So it is tasty and easy food with no chance of being lost or unavailable for all, a win-win combo no one can resist!! The app allows the system surveys and allows the employees to keep a database of customers so as to send any number of messages to the customers without delay. Also the home delivery problems are no more! Hooy allows the customers to order outside premises and also keep check on the delivery person in real time. Get your Hooy app NOW!!

  • For further details check out: www.hooy.co.za
  • Download the Hooy App from the Google Playstore here: Hooy App

Author: PR Officer

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