Adam’s Eulogy graces the airwaves

Janice Mokae and Ntokozo Mathabela met in his studio when Janice was using Ntokozo’s studio as rehearsal space for a performance she was booked to perform for with another band. She arrived early that day and while waiting for the rest of the band to arrive, she and Ntokozo got well acquainted. On the way to the studio the band’s car broke down and rehearsals got cancelled, God was working behind the scene.

Janice Mokae & I am a musician (composer /singer/song writer). My dear friend and brother in the Lord Ntokozo Mathabela (composer/producer/singer)

Left to Right – Janice Mokae (composer /singer/song writer) and Ntokozo Mathabela (composer/producer/singer)

They discovered that they shared the same philosophy and ideology about faith, music, business and life.

They also shared a common feeling that something was amiss in modern music and agreed that if they made music together their music would feed the world with love, light and inspiration.

Ntokozo produces and composes groovy house music before Janice layers it with a melody, lyrics and sultry vocals; their songs are actually melodic stories that nourish your soul and spirit while you dance.

The song You Consume Me is loved on South African radio. It debuted on 13th November 2014 and the duo were referred to as geniuses who make house music with a purpose, with Janice being described as lovely. Adam’s Eulogy are a renunciation of the old carnal man and a celebration of the new metamorphosed creature in Christ.

Adam’s Eulogy make music that encourages people to forget the past that entangles them and press forward to a future of being renewed in their thinking and becoming a completely new creature.

Adam’s Eulogy strive to bring the presence of Heaven to Earth with their music; as they use music as a gateway to transport their audience to the heavenly realm. Their desire is to let each individual under the sky know that, the creator of all that exists has a plan and purpose for their lives. That He loves them and seeks to be in relationship with them.

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