Accuweather MinuteCast Gadget to Predict the Forecasts

Welcome the new accuweather gadget that shows the temperature and related parameters in the chosen location. The Accuweather MinuteCast Gadget is one of the most dynamic apps for your personal computer. It is regarded as one of the best available on the web these days. Along with displaying the current weather easily, it also showcases what the current weather is. The gadget’s layout is adjustable to the size of the screen. Different dimension options allow fitting it everywhere. It provides the data on weather for day and night for your easy reference and knowledge.

Basic and Additional Features of Accuweather MinuteCast Gadget

Accuweather MinuteCast Gadget is opposed to many other accuweather gadgets and apps available these days. Many similar apps provide the reports inside the UI, while this one has the built-in location for which it chooses weather data and changes it when needed. When you need to check the forecast for locations other than yours, Accuweather MinuteCast Gadget will redirect you to the webpage where you can search weather-related info, current meteorological conditions and the ones predicted for the days ahead.

The key features of the new gadget include:

  • Minute-by-minute forecasts for the following 2 hours;
  • Forecasts hyper-localized to user’s exact address;
  • Severe weather notices;
  • Large/medium/small/ wide Live Tiles for chosen favorite locations;
  • Weather maps;
  • Interactive and full-screen Bing Maps (US and Canadian, European and Japanese radars);
  • Lock screen slide show;
  • Graphs, historical data, and dark themes;
  • Videos.

In addition to all mentioned benefits, accuweather gadget has a few cons. It is said to lack possibilities to switch the unit temperature as well as most other customizations. Yet still, there are other parameters that can be managed from the website. The main window does include advertisements that are present there constantly. And though there are options to close them, they usually don’t work.

The gadget has an attached field that allows the web search. All you need is to enter the keywords and Google will search the results in the browser you use. If there’s some information that you lack, you can find it online with the help of this search field, just type in some keywords.

How to install accuweather gadget in Windows 7? You need to download the gadget completely, unzip it and double click to initiate the installation. Change the gadget settings that are optional and after the gadget appears on the desktop, drag it to a convenient location.

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