AAT launches a specialised Mobile Agency division

In an era where mobile is fast becoming the medium of choice for marketing campaigns, a Durban Wireless Application Service Provider (WASP) has taken a giant leap forward by launching a specialised mobile digital agency division.

Always Active Mobile, a division of holding company Always Active Technologies, launched in January 2014 and has seen great success through enabling companies, agencies and brands to embrace mobile campaigns as a successful and measurable marketing medium.

This niche digital agency, with a significantly South African flavour, focuses on creating and implementing highly effective mobile marketing campaigns using ubiquitous mobile technologies that are relevant to the South African market and audience, which has unique needs as a developing country.

In South Africa, where smartphone penetration sits at approximately 38% and the sending and receiving of “Please Call Me” (PCM) messages is still the most popular cellphone activity, mobile marketing campaigns cannot be solely geared towards smart phone users.

Always Active Mobile took note of this, and has committed, through its new division, to help brands engage in a relevant, easy way with lower LSM groups B and C, using mobile technologies that are both familiar and effective.

When asked why Always Active Technologies has chosen to create a specialised division that focuses on creating mobile marketing campaigns, CEO Loet de Swart commented:

“It would be nice to share a story of a great epiphany, but it was a rapid progression and in some ways it was there before we realised it. With all the mobile technology we have, we naturally started consulting and running campaigns for our clients and it evolved from there.”

But, starting a new agency isn’t easy, especially in an economically tense and competitive environment. In chatting to their Business Development Manager, Alan Haarhoff, he had this to say:

“It’s not easy as full service digital agencies are prolific – this often leads to price becoming the decision point, which can be disastrous for campaigns especially when the work is outsourced. So we keep busy by specialising in mobile with a close eye on quality which leads to trust. All our campaigns are developed and managed in-house, often resting on our core mobile messaging services that we have over 12 years of experience with – so this comes naturally to us. The other key is adapting the mobile channel and content to the market it is intended for – something that is often overlooked.”

Always Active Mobile’s service offering reflects the South African mobile landscape well, as its mobile touch points are geared towards campaigns that work on all basic, feature and smart phones. Mobile technologies utilised by the company to create and implement campaigns include: USSD, SMS; MMS; Location-Based Services (LBS) and SMS Short Codes. Always Active Mobile also prides itself on building highly responsive mobi sites that render perfectly on all handsets.

At the center of its campaigns, Always Active Mobile also places a great importance on providing its clients with excellent insights into their campaigns’ performance. Haarhoff says: “My colleagues will have a laugh here as it is well know that I love graphs – and graphs are just a visual representation of data which tell a story if you are willing to look for it. So reporting, analytics and the insight we can give would probably be my favourite thing!”

A proudly Durban company, Always Active Mobile has already worked with a wide range of companies and seen great success in creating high levels of user engagement, consumer feedback and helping brands increase sales.

Recently, Always Active Mobile has worked with Vodacom, LEGiT, Nedbank, Isolezwe, Clover and UTi, to name just a few. For a full list of current case studies visit http://www.aat.co.za/case-studies.

When asked how he sees AAM moving into the future, Haarhoff says “That’s a tough question as we are focused on delivering campaigns for the needs of the immediate market, and markets in this sector evolve and adapt rapidly. I guess we will too.”

With their pedigree and history in the mobile industry in South Africa, AAT’s latest division is surely one to keep an eye on.

Author: PR Officer

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