10 Types of Vending Machines

What Are The Types of Vending Machines?

There plenty of different products and ways they can be vended. Therefore there are at least a few ways to categorize them. Here I present you with 10 types according to the products vended and describe each of them in more detail.

1. Coffee and other hot drink vending machines

Overview: hot drinks are the most popular vended items in the USA, partly because 60% of vending machines are now found in workplaces. More than 8 million cups of coffee and 2 million cups of tea are sold on a daily basis. The drink selection continues to increase rapidly and during the last few years there has been a significant increase in larger drink size popularity. USA people want quality and they want more of it, with 9oz or even 12oz cups becoming the norm. Also some vending machines in the USA are starting to grind their own coffee beans, ending a long-lasting instant coffee reign.

2. Soda and other cold drink vending machines

Overview: cold drinks can be dispensed together with hot ones but it’s better to have separate vending machines for each of them as then customers can choose from a wider array of drinks. It is good to have at least 6 different drinks, preferably of well-known brands, to suit each taste. Paying attention to these factors only can increase your sales well over 30%. Given the fact that this is the most popular product category in the USA, every decision you make can lead to big profits.

3. Snack and sweet vending machines

Overview: snack vending machines, while serving virtually any type of sweet or savoury snack, can also serve as cold drink dispensers in bottles, cans or even tetra pack. This can be a potential combination of two of USA most popular vended products. The snacks usually include different types of crisps, pastries, ice-cream, candies, sweets, and such. If you decide to dispense both snacks and drinks, the option of setting up different temperatures comes handy. This also helps during season change.

4. Ice cream and frozen food vending machines

Overview: ice cream vending machines are definitely the ones most sough after during hot summer days and frozen food is a good option for those wanting more than just a snack as the dispensed product can be microwave to a nice hot meal. There is also an option to combine these machines making it an always full freezer.

5. Food vending machines

Overview: food vending machines are categorized into those that serve hot and cold or refrigerated food as this means that additional technologies might need to be used instead of just a simple refrigerant to keep the products cool. This also means less power consumption compared to the frozen food products.

Just like any other, food vending machines can be combined with can-bottled drinks or other types of snacks, such as crisps, making them a universal lunch content provider.

6. Gumball and novelty machines

Overview: a treat for the kids, these machines are usually found in shopping malls, amusement parks and other entertainment venues with high family traffic. Being low in cost and small in size, they can also be easily rented for parties and birthdays. Due to their cheap and small products, they have lower safety requirements and therefore are cheaper themselves.

7. Water coolers and ice dispensers

Overview: various coolers are available nowadays. The wall mounted coolers are one of the most popular water dispensers or coolers. They simply need to be connected to the water supply and electricity is required to cool the water. The filter is also fixed which brings you purified water for maximum refreshment. These filters can be 100% recyclable, helping sustain the environment.

8. Medicine and hygiene products

Overview: There are various types of vending machines we usually see wall-mounted at the wash-room. These include one or more types of condoms, tampons, hand cleaners, baby changing essentials and other hygiene products. Most of them are battery run to make the installation more convenient. Though due to the increasing positive response from the clients and their needs growing, soon we can see standalone vending machines that sell hygiene products in USA.

9. Healthy vending machines

Overview: although this category contains various drinks, snacks, and foods, they are usually sold separately with a “healthy food” brand. These types of vending machines can store healthy drinks (water, juice) or healthy snacks (fruits, vegetables, whole grain cereals, unsalted nuts etc.). Of course that usually means you have to change the products more often due to their faster expiration, nevertheless this might end up being the right solution if people who use that machine care about themselves.

10. Custom vending machines

Overview: Designed for specific brands and specific needs. You tell us your product, we design a vending machine for it that also pleases your eye. Custom vending machines can be small (wall-mounted) or as large as a full vending line depending on the products it sells. The products sold in custom vending machines vary from mail, newspapers, lottery tickets to cologne, sex toys or DVDs to name but a few.


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